Wednesday, January 18, 2012

drawlings in a tin shed

"Assembling the facts, Dismantling the truth"-one of my favorite pieces from Michael Garcia's show, "solace in a tin shed". Couldn't help but sketch it quickly so I could keep some part of it forever. Unless of course, someone wants to buy a couple paintings from me so I could take it home?
You have to see it in real life, not photos, to really get a feel for much detail and hidden gems in this monster.

Another sketch of a Garcia piece. This one of the show's title piece. So much texture and detail to try and capture in a quick and small drawing. I tried anyway.

Been mailing out these care packages of the new zine along with postcards, stickers, reciepts, posters, or whatever else I can find laying around. Some with extra doodles and whatnot. Get 'em while they hot.

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