Friday, April 24, 2009

feed my obama

saw this today. kinda weirded me out. Obama in the upper left corner for no apparent reason. and foodmax. Obama and foodmax. It was posted up outside Harbor Freight, which if you live in Fresno, you know is a hardware store where you can get real shit quality tools for dirt cheap. needed staples, so whatever.

bucket rainbow.

Debts to society

This is a door I painted at "Debts to Society", a boutique thats opening today in Chinatown, Downtown Fresno. Its a metal door that blocks people from watching you take a shit, piss, or possibly masturbate while at the store. Same deal as the H street door, I was commisioned to recreate one of my drawings. I gessoed it, then pumped the fucking thing out in 20 minutes using a sharpie paint pen, while being engulfed in pot smoke the entire time. It was fun despite going home smelling like my college days.

Eigch Streat

Heres a door I painted for the front of the H-street office, last summer. They needed something to block passer-bys from seeing the mail slot, so thats why the bottoms painted up. They chose an image from one of my drawings and were pretty adamant on me painting it. One shot oil paint on glass, it was a little tricky cuz I had to paint it backwards on the inside of the glass, plus I made a fucking mess everywhere. I would have just left the reindeer if it were up to me, but whatever, it looks okay I guess.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


My buddy Andrew who runs the VILLAGE HILL clothing company, opened up a boutique with a couple o' friends in the historic ChinaTown, located in the outskirts of downtown Fresno. The shop looks good already, and nothings up yet. I painted the bathroom door with a re-creation of a self portrait I did last year. I'll post it up tomorrow, when its done. But, anyways, the shop has its grand opening this saturday and it should be fun.

CHECK IT OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

boom! for real!

so ive been a little conservative with this blogging stuff, keeping the words and pictures minimal, trying not to go too nuts with it or over saturate that shit, but like a slutty girl who considers herself a virgin because shes had a dozen dicks stuck only half way in, inevitably i'll become a whore.
so heres a photo collage of some of the imagery my camera phones been catching. i enjoy the really shitty quality it has, all blurry, or too blue, or whatever. it gets the job done, at least until i can afford to buy another digital camera (this next one will be number 4).
im tired as fuck and fighting the behind the eyeball soreness that comes with hangovers, from last nights Vegan bar-b-que at niilo and brianna's place.
94 today! fuck. 94 tomorrow too!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

cleaning out the flat files

some random goodness from the gigantic mess in my studio that is 5 years of artwork stacked on top of and in my flat file. thought i'd share some of the ones that caught my eye today. gotta organize and sort through it for my website. fuck. i got alot of work to do.

starting at the top:

Collabo with Jason Graham from 2005. "sandbags along the river"

drawing Sheree did of everyone at the dinner table years ago.

old sketchbook page that some how got ripped out and was laying in a pile of drawings.

the inside of my suitcase that houses my zines

my brother with a flat top and our old cockatail "mordecai"

more tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

blood farts in the 559

Heres a zine i did back in January for "donde esta tu hermana", the three man show I was a part of, along with fellow Broadway Boys collective members Jason Graham and Eatcho, up in Portland. I revamped it for the March Art Hop, and since then I've given away more copies than I've sold, which isn't exactly a bad thing; I made back what I spent. thats the way zines usually go anyways, so im used to it. no biggie. been zine making for almost 10 years now, and it feels like i finally got the hang of this shit.
the books 24 black and white pages with a 2 color cover.
they're all drawings from late last year and i wrote up the words 10 minutes before heading to kinkos and slapping the thing together. It was originally like a 2 page essay that dug into depression, anxiety attacks, comfort in masturbation, self revelations, finding God in crosshatching, suicide fantasy, and so on.
you know, the regular Amador self deprecation with a humourous point of view type writings.
But I pussied out at the last second, and decided the essay was a little much, so i dumbed it down, and diluted it-like when you go to your friends house and his mom makes koolaid with only one packet and only 1 spoon of sugar (I grew up with 3 packs and a whole cup of sugar inside a recycled foster farms milk gallon, so when you pour yourself a cup, you didnt shake it well enough,and you get those powderey chunk explosions inside your mouth).

anyways, I'll use the essay in something else later on, and fully illustrate it too. it'll just rest inside a folder on my computer for now.

heres a look inside the book

back cover. edition of 25.

Donkey Puncher

unless youre a complete dummy, you've seen my flyers around fresno promoting my show at both Teazer's locations ( downtown and Tower District), well the shows about mid-way through, so if you havnt yet, go check it the fuck out! and if you have, then go check it again! and if you hate mediocre art work, then go to Teazer, only stare at your phone the entire time, order a drink and sit down whilst waiting for your tea to cool. but keep in mind that you gotta keep your eyes on your phone the entire time, completley ignoring your surroundings. You'll blend right in with about half of the customers.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

TB party.

so. this is my first official blogpost. YAY! Ive got alot of work to do but instead have been watching a shit load of TV.

if you know what this carnival of trash of a picture is all about, then youre just as bad as I am.

and I know this blogs supposed to be about drawings, but im tired from working on the website, mural sketches, table building, jogging, sex, number crunching, and I gotta get a fucking root canal tomorrow, so give me a fucking break.