Monday, January 9, 2012

Farewell Twenty Eleven Part One

So I didnt exactly have a running rhino start on 2012; for the THIRD year in a row, I got sick right before New Years Eve, and spent the first week of the new year sick in bed, coughing up brownish green shit, and watching way too much t.v. They say how you end the year, is how you'll begin the next one; so I guess I'm bound to be stuck in this ground hog day type ill cycle forever.
I planned on writing up an extra long year end review type post, but of course being sick and trying to shake the holidays plus my laziness kept me from doing it.
Some belated "Carne Diem/Solace in a Tin Shed" opening night photos;

Good lookin' ladies at the merch table has been a secret weapon of mine for years...

Handsome Artist Club.

Didnt take too much photos, too busy hugging all my friends I hadn't seen for months.

Took the drive up to North Fork at the beginning of December, to visit our good ol' pal Terrance and to drop off a ton of art. I got some awesome shots, but unfortunately for you, my faithful readers, the majority of them are for private consumption only. Can't go around showing photos of the batcave, now can you?

The very awesome Buck Horn. If you're ever in the area, stop on by and have some clams and play a little shuffleboard.

We tried to get into the local dance club, but it seems they were closed for the day.

Some Hide and Seek goodness.

This is where Terrance sits on his porch and thinks.

Farewell Blue house...

XXX-mas card Aunna and I sent out for the holidays...if you didnt get one then maybe you need to start hanging out with us a little more this next year.

(almost) all photos by me, some by Terrance.

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