Thursday, March 18, 2010


got back from the show in LA that timber put together. took a shit ton of photos then i broke my camera and so nows i got nothing to show for it. well, i got some stuff to show for it, but not as much as i would have liked to blog about.
pics you wont see here include:

-pics of trannies and biligerant club goers on sunset
-sexy candid pics of my friends at the show
-cocaine induced in &out visits
-very illegal up-close shots of the "hollywood" sign

anyways, here are what i was able to retrieve, and also some very nice photos taken by Avo.

i broke out like a 13 year old from sleeping on the floor and all the marlboro smoke clogging my pores.

after the show, we drove up Mulholland Drive and pissed over the edge, some real blood brothers shit

thank you amelia and viviene for the hospitality and show, and for your cat biting the shit outta my feet whilst i slept, and thank you timber for putting this thing together and for the drugs and also thank you joshie for making me dulishis vegan dishes.