Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Michael Garcia's Tin Shed (Farewell Twenty Eleven Part Two)

A little before the Christmas rush, I made the short drive to Madera, to visit my dear friend Michael Garcia's art studio. I've looked up to Michael and have been a fan of his, since I first laid these old eyes on his work. He is a sort of Jedi Master in my eyes; all knowing and all encompassing. I love seeing where other artists work, and Michael's process is so interesting, I was dying to see his fortress of solitude.

He was in the process of painting a doggie door when I got there. We had some beers, chatted for a while about art, life, love, mistakes, regrets, processes, and whatnot. After it got too cold to stand in a tin shed, we went inside and Michael cooked steak for dinner while I chatted with his lovely Aunt.

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