Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ape Roll

even as i type this i am simultaneously sending harrassing text messages, facebook stalking, watching the screen of the tv i found in the dumpster behind broadway scramble and descramble itself, washing the 20+ pairs of socks ive jacked off into that i had laying around in my room, mashing together everything i can find in the fridge together to put in the microwave to eat as dinner, debating a nap, debating whether to go work on the mural im doing at Iron Bird lofts, debating whether to crack another one off the wrist, pulling ticks off my dog, thinking about getting drunk, reading magazines and rearanging my workspace.
I once told a friend of mine that I was really stressed out because of all the work that i had to do, to which she replied
"your job is to make art and use your imagination...what the fuck do you have to complain about?"
she was right.
this is what the past month has produced;
I was the featured artist for April in my buddy Jacob's clothing line/online magazine, Under Republic. It continues to get better and better; both the clothes and magazine features are aging like a fine wine. Jacob is a motherfucker, and he aint playin' around no mo'. This months issue was the best yet, and not just because im in there. theres some good shit in there.
check it.


then i was a part of this;

and i wasnt sure about going, since i had just got back from LA, but these motherfuckers showed up at my doorstep

so how could i say no to those beautiful faces?

then this;

C.A.V.E. gallery - Venice, CA - 04.02.10 - art show from Fabio Cunha on Vimeo.


then i got back home, tired and fucking reeking of the most insane fun i've ever had without the use of drugs or alcohol, and when i get back, everyones giving me shit about being some famous artist, or fresnos choice artist, or some bullshit. i dont know what anyones talking about, until Michael from Iron Bird tells me that Im named Fresno Famous' Choice Artist of the year...WTF?

so i check for myself and sure enough...

The Famous Choices are:

Artist (non performance) — Robert Amador

Robert Amador is the kind of artist whose work you should pick up now, before everyone else realizes how awesome it is. Amador is part of a loose collection of young artists working in and around the Cultural Arts District (with Broadway Studios serving as a home base of sorts) and his mural work can be seen throughout the area — on Broadway Studios, Vagabond and H St. Lofts and in design work at the Iron Bird Cafe.

I guess if you whore yourself out enough, and say yes to every job and show that someone offers you, people start believing your art is worth something cause they start seeing it everywhere.


some pics taken by Avo "don lie" Terzian and Elliot "what the" Johnson and Jacob "what up player" Grossman

I usually dont include so much photos of myself in my blog posts, but i was in alot of these group shots that i like, so i have no choice..


also today i got this email from D21 Kunstraum Leipzig :

we have included your publications "blood farts in the 559", "all drawings & wratings" and "skull study #7" into our art zines show THANKS FOR SHARING! at D21 Kunstraum in Leipzig. Thanks again for your submission!

fucking Germany...whos up for a roadtrip?

photo credits; Avo Terzian, Elliot Johnson, Jacob Grossman