Wednesday, July 27, 2011

hey bat

doing these fun lil' water colors during my "vacation" from murals and art gigs.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

captain amexican

just watched captain america on bootleg in theaters.

makes me want to dig up the idea i had years ago, of starting my artist-series pirating business, where each DVD comes with original one of a kind, hand made packaging. probably go to prison for it. heres a bootleg of "dark knight".

Monday, July 25, 2011

Boardwalk Empire

some of my favorite characters from "boardwalk empire"...wasnt really going for likenesses as much as i was just trying to set some sort of mood. also, did no prior sketching...just ink to paper, so suck on that!

Monday, July 18, 2011

drawlings and stuff

weapons of mass distraction

been working on these to fight crime in downtown fresno.

i used wood and some old dog chain to make these. probly use them in a show or something sometime down the line. a lawyer friend of mine had this to say when he saw a photo of them on my phasebook;

"the mere possession of which is a felony, see Penal Code section 12020(a)(1)"

had no idea its illegal to carry nunchucks. seems kinda silly since i was raised and obsessed with this;

this also comes to mind:

the mase was just a natural progression from the 'chucks. i'll move on to making more elaborate, more dangerous "folk art" weapons soon, im sure.

also, my gal-pal Jason, said this when he saw the mace, which i thought was funny;

"were you going through a notebook from 3rd grade with drawings of "weapons i'll make when i grow up" in it?"

all most they're

almost done with the mural i've been working on in the hallways of broadway lofts...expect a unvieling and show soon. poured alot of myself into this thing, physically anyways; i blew my knee out and i think i got arthritis in my hands. great. comes with the territory i guess. im working on a zine to give away the night of the opening which, if you cant make it, drop me a line and i'll send you one. more info soon...heres some random pics shot on my cell phone, so i apologize for the quality. i'll have a photographer friend take some nice ones for the website sometime in the near future.