Thursday, October 21, 2010

Da Wiggalo on Pop Surrealism...

one of my bestest good friends, Josh Wigger, is featured in this months pop surrealism online magazine. check it out.

visit for more info...

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Definitive Touch

Definitive touch is an awesome Online Men's Fashion Magazine. They had a feature on me, a little more than a year ago which I stumbled upon, as I am an avid online window shopper and gazer...Wish I had found out about it sooner...better late than it is

It’s not every day that you come across sketch work that looks so effortless yet has the depth and texture to tell you otherwise. That is what Robert Amador’s Pen & Ink series is like – at first glance the images look like simple doodles, until you look closer that is. Upon closer inspection it is clear this artist understands the subtle nuances each subject, or at least feels connection to character or animal he creates. Most have a distinctly and traditional African feel, this despite the fact that he lives and works in Fresno, California.

Visit his blog for more info on this amazing talented artist.

Thank You Definitive Touch. Right on with the write up. See the article here.


Monday, October 18, 2010

Bombay por El Guincho

EL GUINCHO | Bombay from MGdM | Marc Gómez del Moral on Vimeo.

simple maravilloso, una orgía para los ojos y los oyidos. disfrutalo gallino.

The Last Frontier

So, this is the mural I was pulled away from the Iron Bird Lofts hallways for...

It started off as me just coming in as an outside source for a drawing. I was just going to help out and sketch some stuff up based on a couple of Reza's ideas. Then, Francisco Vargas, would execute it, and add text. Simple as that. Well, somehow I got talked into going along with the project, I already had a mural going on that I had yet to finish, and here I was, taking off and starting a brand new one. I'd be getting my hands dirty with a new medium I had never worked with, and I'd be working alongside a local artist I had looked up to as a kid. Also the mural was to be painted on an old billboard, which sits about 10 feet on top of a roof.

Francisco did this in '92, on the side of WECO paint supply.

I'd stare up at it as I passed it on my way to Blanca's bakery with my Grandmother, or to Castillos to get a bag of chips and play video games next door with my brother, way back when there was still a liquor store on the side of Castillos. Back then, I always thought how awesome it was to see a mural dedicated to Madonna...

So, here I was, a little unsure of the project I had agreed to, about to paint with a Juggernaut of epic proportions; Franciso's a well known and well respected sign and mural artist through out the entire country. I can throw down with a pen, but everything I know about paint, and especially murals, is completely trial and error.

I drew this up.

we filled in the details as we went along.

Then came time for the actual painting. I dont, in any sense of the word, keep regular hours, but Francisco does. So I had to be up and out there at around 9 every morning. Yeah, I know, 9 isn't bad, for most people thats probably sleeping in. But you gotta understand, I usually dont call it a night until about 4 in the morning.

To get up to the billboard, we first had to climb up Francisco's ladder truck to the roof. Then maneuver around the domed roof and in between metal reinforcement bars. Then we'd climb up a very jerry-rigged extension ladder and up to the foot-wide scaffolding set up for us inches from the billboard. Just getting up to the damn thing was tiresome.

First day we're out there, we're setting up and Francisco warns me about watching my head at all times, the scaffolding was tightly made, and there really wasnt any wiggle room, let alone room for error.

Almost comedically, minutes after he warns me, I hear a huge *clank* and a slight groan. I look up from the paint I'm mixing, and 'Cisco's holding his head,

"You alrite?", I ask.

"Banged my head. Check it out, am I bleeding?"

I checked and he was. Alot.
"Yup. You are."

I grabbed a paint rag to wipe the blood away and got a better look at the wound. I moved a bit of his hair away and noticed a small flap of scalp, set itself back down like a fleshey puzzle piece, as my hand passed over the chunk of hair where the wound was. It was pretty bad.

"Its bad man, you need stitches..."

"Shit.....Well....We're already up here and set up....we might as well get the sketch done."

WHAT! How bad ass is that? I knew I couldnt complain about anything after that.

I havent done a commission mural in about a decade. I learned so much about "traditional" sign painting from this project. Even though the whole theme and idea of it, isnt something I'd do in my own personal work, I had a good time and learned a new medium, oil enamel, which I've never used before.

here's 'Cisco in front of the other side of the billboard, which he painted a week or two before the "last frontier" mural.

and here he is with tommy lee.

More of Francisco's work can be seen here

More murals here

some of tommy lee's work here

*****************Iron Bird Lofts*****************

Reza Assemi approached me to "bring some life" to the hallways and laundromat of
the new lofts he had built in downtown Fresno, last spring, "nothing to fancy"...I started it, then got pulled from the project to paint another mural, which was on a strict time line. By the time I returned to the project, there were 10 times the tenants living there, as there were when i originally started it, and the mess of paints, buckets of (fermented) water for brushes, and piles of trash, still lay there, in the hallways, un touched. I felt terrible so I rushed to finish it and got out as soon as I could.

The "iron bird paintings" were quick sketches that were filled in as quickly as the paint dried. I did very little sketching before hand, and improvised as i went along using cheap brushes and a couple hundred dollars worth of house paint. It was more a fun excercise than an excercise of skill or technicality. Its a bit of a shame that only the people living there, or visiting will get to see this work, and at the same time, its a bit of a private collection for the tenants, they get bragging rights like, "yeah, i live by the giant-assed drippy horses" or "okay, go up the stairs and make a right at the barfing triangle, if you see george washingtons skull silhouette you've gone too far".

Christian Vargas helped me out with filling things in, and we collaborated on the ox. He also has some pics up of the work in progress on his blog, if you like looking at photos of me sitting amongst my trash pile and looking terribly scummy.

"whats that going to be" -tenant walking in to wash clothes on the first few days of painting.

Me, "a unicorn tree"


these photos were snapped by the totally awesome dude, Terrance Reimer.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Farewell Broadway, once more for the children

"how big?"

h&s swag, plus tracy's "home made cookies" a.k.a. cookies bought at costco

some images from the farewell show, thanks again to all who came. i had no idea people actually cared about what i do...the amount of questions and concern regarding where i was going was overwhelming...NO, im not leaving Fresno, well, not anytime soon. im fixing up this shack behind my folks garage that my dad built, i'll be working out of that real soon...
most of these photos taken by the wonderful Terrance Reimer.

also, there was this group of girls outside my show that wanted me to sign some prints, so i asked this nice lad if i could use his head as a desk, he said, "swell mister, i love your murals!"

then there was this guy who said, my pen work aint shit, i was like "whaaaaat", so a couple of the h&s guys and I had to go and regulate with a good ol' fashion beatdown.