Friday, May 29, 2009

friday after next.

fucking 307 am and im ready to head home, and wash this fucking filth off my body. A new skin has formed in pastel colors on my hands, forearms and feet, due to paint slangin'.
-rapidograph ink smells like cat urine
-my right arm hurts at the bend due to russian throwing knives last night with Frank
-next weeks show might be a 2 man show, instead of just me by myself
-futons are stupid to sleep on
-ramen is amazing
-dont climb up the side of buildings if you're drunk and the first summer thunder storm is peaking

fuck, im tired.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

multiple skull-yosis

So ive been slaving awayy lately, drawing my little heart out, well kind of.

I've come to a point now where the limits to what i choose to do are not my abilities, but only the extent of my imagination. So why at this point would I choose to do something so overkilled and overused in art....the fucking human skull?
Well, I dont like to explain myself, or the things I choose to draw, or do. But I feel like I should for this one.
Everyone draws skulls growing up, and tough looking shit, like guns and cars, stuff like that. Well, I never did. I just skipped through that phase. I was really good at rendering, so I started drawing titties, and asses. Thats all I cared about.
But, I came across this book on anatomy that has photos of actual human skulls in it, and I thought back to this time, and decided thats what I wanted to explore right now.
My friend Reza has actual human skulls in house. They freak me out and I refuse to really even get near them. Im quite superstitious, you know. But Rez has no qualms about it. He's even told me these fantasies he has about the people whos brains those skulls once held, coming back and chit-chatting with him. Maybe having some spiritual beer and shooting the shit about the weather. Kinda weird.
But he said something that really hit home, once. He said that the skulls, help keep his neurotic fear of death in line. How, I dont know. Its like a backwards therapy. And I can relate to that, as I once went crazy collecting all the dead animals I could find, and played taxidermist in my garage 2 summers ago, until I started getting anxiety attacks and decided I wanted to give everything I owned, away. But thats another story, for another time.

and along came polly.

this drawing is made up of 4-18" X 24" sheets of paper I taped together. Fucking killed me. I started it yesterday around Noon, when I got up, and then took a nap because my back hurt so fucking bad around 11 p.m. Then woke up at around 2 a.m., went to 7-11, looked through a couple of magazines and bought an energy drink, then went home and drew some more, and finally went back to sleep at 9 a.m. this morning. I could only sleep for about 2 hours after that, and I've been up since then.

I timed myself last night on how much lines I can draw per minute, after remembering a funny conversation I had with Josh and Jason, last time I was in Portland.
Turns out, I draw 150 lines, about a quarter inch in length per minute. In an hour, thats 9,000 lines. This drawing took about 20 hours. That times 9,000 =180,000 lines in this drawing. Roughly.
That fucking Rockstar I drank last night made my piss a weird neon green color. I swear. It looked like anti-freeze.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

new drawlings.

new work. i shot the contrast way up because the photos came out too blue. but by the time i discovered this, it seemed like too much trouble to go back outside and reshoot them. you get the picture. if you wanna look at these close up or see what they really look like in real life then come to my show in the front broadway space, next thursday, June 4th.







ive got those shakey gums, and a couple o' loose tooths.

been drawing my fucking fingers raw lately. 2;49am and im sleepy. ive been drawing at home the past week, just slaving away behind this drawing desk i built, placed in front of my bedroom window, which is great for natural lighting and hearing the fucking birds chirp away their beautiful songs , but fucking terrible when the neighbor, whose patio faces the direction of my window, decides he wants to fucking grill up some bar-b-que.
fucking stinks. shit. im a vagiterian, if you dont know, and although for the most part im not bothered by it, but sometimes, especially red meat, just makes my throat something lumpy, like indigestion or like ive drinken soda too fast. that feeling like i gotta blow chunks. fucking gross.
anyways, im tired, but not too tired to paint. problem is, im at home and not at the studio. sleepy drawings are often sloppy and halfassed-especially for these technical bangers ive been doing lately. so i'll call it a night. even though that makes a guilt ride up my spine, especially since my show is a little more than a week away.

i only need a couple hours and some coffee with soymilk. gimme a fucking second to rest here.


pics tomorrow. ive been too side tracked to document lately.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

nofo luxe-sierra soiree

Last night was a great fucking time at Terrance Reimers pad way the fuck up in North Fork.
For that very tiny group of Fresno folks who dont know him, Terrance is a huge supporter of the local art scene, one of the snazziest fucking dressers, awesome photographer and all around, bad Mutha'fucka'.
Well, anyways, last night he hosted this mural painting party at his place, complete with live music from the Insects, lots of beer, pizza, chips, fruit, and a shitload of house paint for painting this huge freight storage container. Oh, and a very special appearance from none-other than Elvis himself. I intended on photo-ing the whole thing, but my fucking phone died about an hour in, guess thats what happens when you live on the edge like i do and only charge your phone enough time for it to load up only one bar. Here are some photos I took;

Like I said, Terrance buys alot of art from alot of artists, which includes my friends and I. My shitty camera phone doesnt do any of any justice, but you get the point.

some Jason Grahams and Michael Garcias.

some more Jasons, some Josh, and some Nigels.

dont know the name of this artist, but i liked this piece....fucking hilarious!

more good stuff....

kinda trippy.....right? (inside joke)

Terrances house is awesome and like this trippy-doing mushrooms in Hollywood, but surrounded by good art kinda place.

There was alot more cooler shit that went down later on in the evening, unfortunately all i have is memories to share, and not photos.....but then again...where the fuck were you?

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Art Hop May 2009

So tomorrow (tonight? im typing this at 1 in the morning) is art hop/open studio/ first thursdays. I think most cities do them by now, and if you live in a city that doesnt-well....too fucking bad. I got my studio all nice, and hung all my paintings and drawings, most of which Im over already-they've seen a few venues, cities, and 2 states, so I think I'll have a painting sale tomorrow.

And something you should definitely check out tomorrow is Shannon Hunters, "three more years", collection of photos, shes showing at Broadway Studios.
Three years ago, she took photos of alot of her friends, most of which were couples at the time, and mostly on their porches. Well, she revisited them this year, and needless to say, most of them are no longer together. DRAAAAAMA (say it in a 15yr old girl voice). right? kinda. It makes for a really interesting show, whether you know the folks or not.
I know most of them, and its really interesting to see the change; whether it be living situation, relationship status, or just how peoples faces have changed in only 3 years. I like it. So will you. Heres some shitty cameraphone previews

and heres a photo of Frank Tabarez's work. Frank and I look alike, kind of, well not really, we're both young, handsome, Mexican, painters, living in Fresno, and working in the same studio. And we have the same hair. It makes for fucking confusion amongst folks sometimes. I think if me and frank were cousins, or brothers, growing up, we'd have burned this fucking town to the ground by now. Anyways, he's my doppleganger and he makes amazing fucking work.

"Frank could be your twin. Your more handsome, more talented, twin".-Josh Wigger.

I had an earache earlier this week. My mom gave me this medicine from Mexico, it helped. It went away. The front translates to "Healthy Ear".

I swear I've been busy

I've been up to alot, I just dont have a fucking camera. drawing, drawing, drawing, and hanging. a little painting. a little internet. a little too much internet.

Monday, May 4, 2009

All watched up.

So, spray paint magician/paint dump iron chef and all around bad ass (in his own mind) Josh Wigger, will be having a show in two locations,on the same night.
One of which is a collection of these silly little watercolors he's been doing to keep his mind off of his loneliness, entitled "all washed up".
Theyre pretty exciting, though, I am a water color fiend.

THe other show is compiled of pages he drew on from this 200 year old book he found while looking for food in dumpsters in Berlin. Yes, thats right, Berlin. Motherfucker was stuck there for like 6 months last year after he missed his flight home.
It was all good though, since Joshie is great at thriving in shitty situations, while in Europe, he:
painted murals anywhere somebody'd let him, made money as a backup dancer for various techno-music festivals, ate outta' dumpsters, slept with wolves for warmth, fell in love with every pretty face he met, fought with the Berlin police, graffitied, pissed on, snorted, swallowed, drank, ate, jacked off into, pretty much anything you could think of.
The shows called "Doing lines to pass the time", it gets its name from Joshs addiction to snorting his own dandruff.

Anyways, as much as I talk shit about the guy, hes one of my bestest good friends/ brother/lover, and he always puts on good shows,and by that I mean, if the art sucks he's known to start arm wrestling matches/parades/break dancing competitions, whatever it takes to keep the audience entertained.

check it out, and buy something for your mother.

busy busy busy!

heres an old acrylic ink i did of my idol, DR. Dre.