Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Making Ends Meat

I'm having a show next month, the day after the fourth of July, at my old studio. Double negative as most will be curing a hangover, and also my old studio isn't what it used to be, or so I hear. Time to show the kids how its done. Might get crazy. Might not...most likely will. Also, it will be really hot. I'll try and post some work progress as I'm trying to get back on my blogging game.

Monday, June 18, 2012

CA bearial: redux

lightboxed and inked the California Bearial painting. the original painting was painted "straight-ahead" style, meaning no prior sketching or planning, but i like the image of the grizzly profile, and wanted to silk-screen it sometime in the future, so i made a pen and ink version.

"bitter floss"

"bitter floss"... commission. pen and ink on paper. 18" x 18". thanks Nigel for getting this cell phone pic.