Sunday, September 30, 2012

Thursday, September 27, 2012

seven years of hair

I've been spending countless hours scanning and editing years and years of sketchbooks the past couple o' weeks. Its been a complete fucking headtrip/time-machine-like opening old diaries. I thought those feelings went away? Every liner-note/rant transports me to the time in which it was written/drawn. Of course, I can also look at them and appreciate them aesthetically-so crazy to see where I was in 2005/2007-so much of it is terrible, but theres some gems hidden.
Lots of techniques and magic I don't feel I can recreate.

Specifically, "June 2007"; The time in which it was composed/completed was such an angst-ridden, confusing, dark time. Mickey Mouse dark. Not like "drug" dark. Lots of not-sleeping, staying out to all hours, hanging out at places I would never hang out at, etc. Was going through a break-up, which made me throw myself into my art. You can see it happening. I was heavily influenced by artists like Barron Storey, John Copeland, and my big brother, Josh Wigger, at the time, and I still am to an extent, but you can tell at a certain point in this book, that I was starting to find my own voice.