Wednesday, May 27, 2009

multiple skull-yosis

So ive been slaving awayy lately, drawing my little heart out, well kind of.

I've come to a point now where the limits to what i choose to do are not my abilities, but only the extent of my imagination. So why at this point would I choose to do something so overkilled and overused in art....the fucking human skull?
Well, I dont like to explain myself, or the things I choose to draw, or do. But I feel like I should for this one.
Everyone draws skulls growing up, and tough looking shit, like guns and cars, stuff like that. Well, I never did. I just skipped through that phase. I was really good at rendering, so I started drawing titties, and asses. Thats all I cared about.
But, I came across this book on anatomy that has photos of actual human skulls in it, and I thought back to this time, and decided thats what I wanted to explore right now.
My friend Reza has actual human skulls in house. They freak me out and I refuse to really even get near them. Im quite superstitious, you know. But Rez has no qualms about it. He's even told me these fantasies he has about the people whos brains those skulls once held, coming back and chit-chatting with him. Maybe having some spiritual beer and shooting the shit about the weather. Kinda weird.
But he said something that really hit home, once. He said that the skulls, help keep his neurotic fear of death in line. How, I dont know. Its like a backwards therapy. And I can relate to that, as I once went crazy collecting all the dead animals I could find, and played taxidermist in my garage 2 summers ago, until I started getting anxiety attacks and decided I wanted to give everything I owned, away. But thats another story, for another time.

and along came polly.

this drawing is made up of 4-18" X 24" sheets of paper I taped together. Fucking killed me. I started it yesterday around Noon, when I got up, and then took a nap because my back hurt so fucking bad around 11 p.m. Then woke up at around 2 a.m., went to 7-11, looked through a couple of magazines and bought an energy drink, then went home and drew some more, and finally went back to sleep at 9 a.m. this morning. I could only sleep for about 2 hours after that, and I've been up since then.

I timed myself last night on how much lines I can draw per minute, after remembering a funny conversation I had with Josh and Jason, last time I was in Portland.
Turns out, I draw 150 lines, about a quarter inch in length per minute. In an hour, thats 9,000 lines. This drawing took about 20 hours. That times 9,000 =180,000 lines in this drawing. Roughly.
That fucking Rockstar I drank last night made my piss a weird neon green color. I swear. It looked like anti-freeze.


  1. You are blowing my mind with this crazy technical stuff. I love it. Its like your having the same hallucinations I do. We must have got the same batch. Or its the water. Either way, Damn son. PS. If you want some hardcore energy drink legal mindfuck, try "Redline". It tastes like Mr Bubbles and will have you grinding your teeth. Fan tastic. Keep up the good work.

  2. Holy skullaroni Robot Armindoors! can't wait to see it in live motion!