Thursday, May 7, 2009

Art Hop May 2009

So tomorrow (tonight? im typing this at 1 in the morning) is art hop/open studio/ first thursdays. I think most cities do them by now, and if you live in a city that doesnt-well....too fucking bad. I got my studio all nice, and hung all my paintings and drawings, most of which Im over already-they've seen a few venues, cities, and 2 states, so I think I'll have a painting sale tomorrow.

And something you should definitely check out tomorrow is Shannon Hunters, "three more years", collection of photos, shes showing at Broadway Studios.
Three years ago, she took photos of alot of her friends, most of which were couples at the time, and mostly on their porches. Well, she revisited them this year, and needless to say, most of them are no longer together. DRAAAAAMA (say it in a 15yr old girl voice). right? kinda. It makes for a really interesting show, whether you know the folks or not.
I know most of them, and its really interesting to see the change; whether it be living situation, relationship status, or just how peoples faces have changed in only 3 years. I like it. So will you. Heres some shitty cameraphone previews

and heres a photo of Frank Tabarez's work. Frank and I look alike, kind of, well not really, we're both young, handsome, Mexican, painters, living in Fresno, and working in the same studio. And we have the same hair. It makes for fucking confusion amongst folks sometimes. I think if me and frank were cousins, or brothers, growing up, we'd have burned this fucking town to the ground by now. Anyways, he's my doppleganger and he makes amazing fucking work.

"Frank could be your twin. Your more handsome, more talented, twin".-Josh Wigger.

I had an earache earlier this week. My mom gave me this medicine from Mexico, it helped. It went away. The front translates to "Healthy Ear".

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