Monday, May 4, 2009

All watched up.

So, spray paint magician/paint dump iron chef and all around bad ass (in his own mind) Josh Wigger, will be having a show in two locations,on the same night.
One of which is a collection of these silly little watercolors he's been doing to keep his mind off of his loneliness, entitled "all washed up".
Theyre pretty exciting, though, I am a water color fiend.

THe other show is compiled of pages he drew on from this 200 year old book he found while looking for food in dumpsters in Berlin. Yes, thats right, Berlin. Motherfucker was stuck there for like 6 months last year after he missed his flight home.
It was all good though, since Joshie is great at thriving in shitty situations, while in Europe, he:
painted murals anywhere somebody'd let him, made money as a backup dancer for various techno-music festivals, ate outta' dumpsters, slept with wolves for warmth, fell in love with every pretty face he met, fought with the Berlin police, graffitied, pissed on, snorted, swallowed, drank, ate, jacked off into, pretty much anything you could think of.
The shows called "Doing lines to pass the time", it gets its name from Joshs addiction to snorting his own dandruff.

Anyways, as much as I talk shit about the guy, hes one of my bestest good friends/ brother/lover, and he always puts on good shows,and by that I mean, if the art sucks he's known to start arm wrestling matches/parades/break dancing competitions, whatever it takes to keep the audience entertained.

check it out, and buy something for your mother.

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