Tuesday, May 26, 2009

ive got those shakey gums, and a couple o' loose tooths.

been drawing my fucking fingers raw lately. 2;49am and im sleepy. ive been drawing at home the past week, just slaving away behind this drawing desk i built, placed in front of my bedroom window, which is great for natural lighting and hearing the fucking birds chirp away their beautiful songs , but fucking terrible when the neighbor, whose patio faces the direction of my window, decides he wants to fucking grill up some bar-b-que.
fucking stinks. shit. im a vagiterian, if you dont know, and although for the most part im not bothered by it, but sometimes, especially red meat, just makes my throat something lumpy, like indigestion or like ive drinken soda too fast. that feeling like i gotta blow chunks. fucking gross.
anyways, im tired, but not too tired to paint. problem is, im at home and not at the studio. sleepy drawings are often sloppy and halfassed-especially for these technical bangers ive been doing lately. so i'll call it a night. even though that makes a guilt ride up my spine, especially since my show is a little more than a week away.

i only need a couple hours and some coffee with soymilk. gimme a fucking second to rest here.


pics tomorrow. ive been too side tracked to document lately.

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