Thursday, February 7, 2013

California Burial

I had some prints of my "California Burial" painting made. Digital print, 11'' by 17" on nice heavy paper. I package 'em up nicely and ship anywhere in the world. 

Also, I jokingly mentioned on my instagram (@obamador) that I'd customize the print and take a dollar off, and it got a crazy response, so I drew on a bunch of em, making some of the teeth gold, or overspraying  spray paint and spider web paint all over 'em. It was fun. So much fun, that I went a little overboard on about 10 of them. I intended on making an "open edition" style print, meaning, I'd sign, but wasn't going to number them so I could keep making them without angering collectors....but whats the fun in that? So I made a special edition of 9 level 5 "Burial" prints in which I went all out and drew on em with everything I have on my drawing desk (spray paint, paint pens, dandruff, markers, ink, etc).

Anyways, they're available on my ETSY store for a measley 20 dollars. I also like to include stickers and love letters in each order. Speaking of, I got some stickers of some drawings made on MOO. They came out pretty neat. Think I'll make some more.

Also, I will be showing some drawlings and what not as well as have a merch booth at the arthouse this next art hop, February 7th, if that is something you're into.

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