Monday, October 29, 2012

Dia De Los Muertos 2012

Some iPhone shots of the painting I did for the annual Dia De Los Muertos show at Arte Americas. I only had 2 weeks to work on it, and actually lagged until the weekend before to start it...something about panic that fuels my process and gets the creative wheels rolling.  The painting is a tribute to my Grandparents, so its only right that I worked all night fueled by coffee, as they were caffeine and nicotine fueled insomniac workaholics. I miss them dearly, and like to think that they would have liked this painting.

The, "Cala Gala", Arte's DDLM celebration is this Friday, November 2nd, with a procession rolling through the Fulton Mall that ends at Arte. I'll be there probably fully painted up. Or I might make a mask or something. I dunno yet. Come hang out, I think I'm gonna make some shirts to sell.

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