Sunday, February 17, 2013

W / R / I / N / K / L / E / S

I started making xeroxed books of my drawings when I was around 17 or so. I didn't really know what I was doing at first, which cost me all my lunch money since the copy machine at school cost 10 cents a copy. It wasn't until I was able to drive and stay out at all hours that I found out about kinkos. I would head there at 2 in the morning and play around on the machines and never pay for a single sheet. The employees didn't care, as they were all college students trying to meet some large copy job deadline behind the counters. I made large posters of my drawings, and thousands of stickers. I stole employee cards and as my skills grew, I would make dozens of books and started selling them. This is all nearly impossible now, as times have changed and kinkos went corporate, putting their foot down on any sort of funny activity and putting a halt on their 24 hour jam.
So I started heading in at lunchtime, when office managers and interns are rushing in to try and make 500 pamphlets or whatever, I go ignored and am able to play again. I feel bad for kids trying to do the same thing in this day and age (though not really, as I am older and fatter and slower, and am still finding new ways to spread my art disease for cheap.)

"W/R/I/N/K/L/E/S" is made up of drawings that were way too large to try and put onto a photocopier. They were scanned on a blueprint drum scanner, then sat on a hard drive, until now.
I screenprinted the cover with the skull ( I based it on a skull from the Mexican bingo game "loteria") and used my government name, at the request of my Father, who was a painter in his youth and signs, "R. Amador" on his paintings.

Sneak-peek of some of the pages.

Mock-up mini, as I can't envision things without drawing them out first.

16 black and white pages. Screenprinted cover on thick Canson paper. Signed edition of 50. 

Available here: Amador Dry Goods Shop

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