Monday, October 18, 2010

*****************Iron Bird Lofts*****************

Reza Assemi approached me to "bring some life" to the hallways and laundromat of
the new lofts he had built in downtown Fresno, last spring, "nothing to fancy"...I started it, then got pulled from the project to paint another mural, which was on a strict time line. By the time I returned to the project, there were 10 times the tenants living there, as there were when i originally started it, and the mess of paints, buckets of (fermented) water for brushes, and piles of trash, still lay there, in the hallways, un touched. I felt terrible so I rushed to finish it and got out as soon as I could.

The "iron bird paintings" were quick sketches that were filled in as quickly as the paint dried. I did very little sketching before hand, and improvised as i went along using cheap brushes and a couple hundred dollars worth of house paint. It was more a fun excercise than an excercise of skill or technicality. Its a bit of a shame that only the people living there, or visiting will get to see this work, and at the same time, its a bit of a private collection for the tenants, they get bragging rights like, "yeah, i live by the giant-assed drippy horses" or "okay, go up the stairs and make a right at the barfing triangle, if you see george washingtons skull silhouette you've gone too far".

Christian Vargas helped me out with filling things in, and we collaborated on the ox. He also has some pics up of the work in progress on his blog, if you like looking at photos of me sitting amongst my trash pile and looking terribly scummy.

"whats that going to be" -tenant walking in to wash clothes on the first few days of painting.

Me, "a unicorn tree"


these photos were snapped by the totally awesome dude, Terrance Reimer.

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