Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Farewell Broadway, once more for the children

"how big?"

h&s swag, plus tracy's "home made cookies" a.k.a. cookies bought at costco

some images from the farewell show, thanks again to all who came. i had no idea people actually cared about what i do...the amount of questions and concern regarding where i was going was overwhelming...NO, im not leaving Fresno, well, not anytime soon. im fixing up this shack behind my folks garage that my dad built, i'll be working out of that real soon...
most of these photos taken by the wonderful Terrance Reimer.

also, there was this group of girls outside my show that wanted me to sign some prints, so i asked this nice lad if i could use his head as a desk, he said, "swell mister, i love your murals!"

then there was this guy who said, my pen work aint shit, i was like "whaaaaat", so a couple of the h&s guys and I had to go and regulate with a good ol' fashion beatdown.

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