Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Definitive Touch

Definitive touch is an awesome Online Men's Fashion Magazine. They had a feature on me, a little more than a year ago which I stumbled upon, as I am an avid online window shopper and gazer...Wish I had found out about it sooner...better late than never...here it is

It’s not every day that you come across sketch work that looks so effortless yet has the depth and texture to tell you otherwise. That is what Robert Amador’s Pen & Ink series is like – at first glance the images look like simple doodles, until you look closer that is. Upon closer inspection it is clear this artist understands the subtle nuances each subject, or at least feels connection to character or animal he creates. Most have a distinctly and traditional African feel, this despite the fact that he lives and works in Fresno, California.

Visit his blog for more info on this amazing talented artist.

Thank You Definitive Touch. Right on with the write up. See the article here.

Visit Definitivetouch.com

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