Monday, July 18, 2011

weapons of mass distraction

been working on these to fight crime in downtown fresno.

i used wood and some old dog chain to make these. probly use them in a show or something sometime down the line. a lawyer friend of mine had this to say when he saw a photo of them on my phasebook;

"the mere possession of which is a felony, see Penal Code section 12020(a)(1)"

had no idea its illegal to carry nunchucks. seems kinda silly since i was raised and obsessed with this;

this also comes to mind:

the mase was just a natural progression from the 'chucks. i'll move on to making more elaborate, more dangerous "folk art" weapons soon, im sure.

also, my gal-pal Jason, said this when he saw the mace, which i thought was funny;

"were you going through a notebook from 3rd grade with drawings of "weapons i'll make when i grow up" in it?"

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