Saturday, April 23, 2011


For the past month and a half, I had the pleasure of working with some very naturally talented Artists. Artists that aren't influenced by what's "in" right now, artists that listen completely to their heart, as cheesy as that is to say, and only worry about keeping themselves, not the viewer or the "client" entertained.

I was asked to help with this show, which was being put on by my more lovely, and educated girlfriend, in order to raise money for BIA/the village, a local school/company that works primarily with children with autism. I stressed out for two months, worrying about how to make this show happen, but when it actually came down to it, the kids did all the work and I just stood by in awe.

"Up", by Mark Florez. Awesome kid from Visalia who draws any Disney character from memory. I met up with him for a drawing session, and pretty much just ended up watching.

Me; "Hey Mark, wanna draw together? Both of us on one paper?"

Mark; "Ummmm, Don't think so."

Collab between Me and Sydney Lopez. Amazing girl who creates worlds with her hands. Genius. Just Genius....

Gary, Steve, Sydney, Tracy and I, holding up our custom works of art that Syd made for us.

Terrance Reimer, Me and Syd. Terrance bought our collaboration, entitled, "Your Highness, Stop This Now!"

"Coyote Tree", which Gary, owner of Iron Bird Cafe, bought. Really wanted this one. Fun Fact; Kyle, the artist of this piece, flicked my nephew on the fore head on his first day of school.

Sako Panossian, standing in front of our collab, entitled, "car QX".
Fun Fact; Whilst painting with Sako, I put on the soundtrack from the movie "Amelie". Sako stopped painting and listened, then asked if it was French music, which it was, he then told me that he loved French music. Sako's 10.
I love working with other artists, but never really do it even though most of my best friends are painters or illustrators and when I pretty much, lived, at Broadway Studios, collaborations were all we talked about but never did it.
My next body of work will consist of all the techniques Im stealing from these kids.

Show is being extended for another month and will be up through the entire month of May at

Iron Bird Cafe
1915 Fulton Street
in Beautiful Downtown Fresno

Go See It With Yer' Own Eyes!

See more on this show here. here. here. and here.

See more of the Amazing Sydney Lopez's work at


    For Immediate Release
    The SoHo Gallery for Digital Art
    138 Sullivan St. New York, NY 10012
    Gallery Contact: John Ordover, 212 228-281,
    Curator: Debbie Hosseini 805-259-6879,

    ARTISM: The Art of Autism

    Opening Reception Thursday, July 7th, 2011 6pm – 9pm

    The SoHo Gallery for Digital Art
    138 Sullivan St., New York, NY 10012 (212) 228-2810

    Stunning Exhibition Showcases Astonishing Art by People with Autism
    The SoHo Gallery for Digital Art presents ARTISM: The Art of Autism. Based on the book ARTISM by Debra Hosseini, who curated this show, the exhibit uses the unique capabilities of the gallery to feature hundreds of pieces including works by Temple Grandin and dozens of other creators with autism from around the world. The exhibit opens an incredible doorway into the imaginative worlds of people with Autism. All gallery proceeds from sale of prints of the works will go to the Reach for the Stars Learning Center for Autistic Children in Brooklyn, NY.

    Curator and author Debra Hosseini will be attending the opening as will many of the featured artists including Justin Canha (currently having a solo show at the Ricco/Maresca Gallery), Esther Brokaw, Travis Aycox and Maria Iliou, who will be signing copies of the ARTI­SM book. There will also be short presentations by Ms. Hosseini, by Dr. Rosa C. Martinez, a founding member of the nonprofit arts organization Strokes of Genius and an expert on art and autism and editor of the ARTISM book, and by the father of a featured artist. Samples of art from the exhibit can be found at

    For more information contact: John Ordover at The SoHo Gallery for Digital Art,
    212 228-2810/ or Debra Hosseini at 805-259-6879/

    Debra Hosseini is a mom of three children. Her youngest child, Kevin, is featured in this exhibit. After Kevin was diagnosed with autism at age four, Debra left her full-time career as a computer analyst to become a stay-at-home mom and has dedicated her time to creating a better world for children and individuals with disabilities. Debra was a founding board member with several organizations that serve individuals with autism and developmental disabilities in Santa Barbara and Carpinteria, California. She now writes and curates art exhibits for people with autism and developmental disabilities.

    Rosa C. Martinez, Ph.D., BCBA-D Dr. Martinez has been working with individuals on the autism spectrum, ranging from infants to adult populations for approximately 30 years. She is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst currently working for the NYS Dept of Education. She is the President of “Strokes of Genius” and organizes art exhibitions throughout the United States featuring the artworks of savants and individuals on the autism spectrum.

    The SoHo Gallery for Digital Art is owned and run by John Ordover, whose eight-year old son is on the autism spectrum. Using digital display screens instead of traditional displays allows the gallery to rotate through multiple works by multiple artists in a single night. The gallery sells high-quality art prints of the works displayed.