Thursday, June 4, 2009

fart chopper.

okay. havent had a chance to really write anything in a few but here goes.

my show in the front broadway space has been cancelled, due to dumbass-ness/double booking.
I originally wrote a really fucking nasty hate letter, then decided to delete it and go the high road. I dont hate the person, and shes been nothing but nice, from the moment I was asked to show there, and up until her apology letter. So I didnt want to offend.
But it just doesnt make any sense to me to double book a show, when one of the artist you double booked has a fucking studio in the same building as your space. Fucking idiots. I was gonna fuck that show up too. had an installation ready and everything. Fuck it, two tears in a bucket. and NO, I dont want to show at a later date. Im fucking over it.

anyways, heres some pics of my cousin who was in town last week from Oaxaca.

so my shows cancelled, but im still showing some shit at Broadway, in the halls and in front of my walls. come by. Bring all your friends. I'll put pics up tomorrow.
Heres some other shit you should check out.

also, Broadway Alum, Teresa Flores, is showing some some shtuff at Milanos in the Fulton Mall. Go check it out, have a beer and some pizza.

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  1. A BIG WTF!!! I can't believe that shit yo! Maybe you should do that every month for a year and like whoa, you gotta shitload of new work, crusty feet, swollen eyes, paint stained finger nails/cuticles and a full bank account.

    btw, i'll be in town on monday.