Tuesday, April 21, 2009

boom! for real!

so ive been a little conservative with this blogging stuff, keeping the words and pictures minimal, trying not to go too nuts with it or over saturate that shit, but like a slutty girl who considers herself a virgin because shes had a dozen dicks stuck only half way in, inevitably i'll become a whore.
so heres a photo collage of some of the imagery my camera phones been catching. i enjoy the really shitty quality it has, all blurry, or too blue, or whatever. it gets the job done, at least until i can afford to buy another digital camera (this next one will be number 4).
im tired as fuck and fighting the behind the eyeball soreness that comes with hangovers, from last nights Vegan bar-b-que at niilo and brianna's place.
94 today! fuck. 94 tomorrow too!

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