Tuesday, April 14, 2009

blood farts in the 559

Heres a zine i did back in January for "donde esta tu hermana", the three man show I was a part of, along with fellow Broadway Boys collective members Jason Graham and Eatcho, up in Portland. I revamped it for the March Art Hop, and since then I've given away more copies than I've sold, which isn't exactly a bad thing; I made back what I spent. thats the way zines usually go anyways, so im used to it. no biggie. been zine making for almost 10 years now, and it feels like i finally got the hang of this shit.
the books 24 black and white pages with a 2 color cover.
they're all drawings from late last year and i wrote up the words 10 minutes before heading to kinkos and slapping the thing together. It was originally like a 2 page essay that dug into depression, anxiety attacks, comfort in masturbation, self revelations, finding God in crosshatching, suicide fantasy, and so on.
you know, the regular Amador self deprecation with a humourous point of view type writings.
But I pussied out at the last second, and decided the essay was a little much, so i dumbed it down, and diluted it-like when you go to your friends house and his mom makes koolaid with only one packet and only 1 spoon of sugar (I grew up with 3 packs and a whole cup of sugar inside a recycled foster farms milk gallon, so when you pour yourself a cup, you didnt shake it well enough,and you get those powderey chunk explosions inside your mouth).

anyways, I'll use the essay in something else later on, and fully illustrate it too. it'll just rest inside a folder on my computer for now.

heres a look inside the book

back cover. edition of 25.

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