Saturday, April 7, 2012

tom waits

Sitting in the forest, wondering and waiting, meanwhilst an angle angel appears along with the skulls of your ancestors to vomit a knowledge vine into your ear. 18" x 24". Open in a new tab to see some details.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Broadway Lofts Hallway

Put up some images of the hallway I painted last year on the ol'website(remember those kids? back in thee olden days of the internet, people used to have personal websites where they posted ORIGINAL material that THEY CREATED! weird huh?) Its all black and white and done with brush and ink, then I got smart and started using markers.

Wow....Just, wow.

I'm not saying my problems are bigger or worse or whatever than anybody else's. My "problems", are actually not that big a deal, when I really break them down(I need new tires, I have a few cavities I should get taken care of, the license fees for my dogs is due). And other than drinking way too much soda/coffee, and eating too many hamburgers, I really don't have any vices neither. I chose to pursue being a full time "artist"(whatever that means)about 6 years ago. Since then, I've painted murals for people who let me do whatever I want and pay me good money to do it. I've painted murals for people who don't appreciate what I do and pay me shit to prove it. I've screen printed hundreds of shirts, pieces of nice paper, toys and whatever else I could buy for cheap and sell for alot. I've done illustration jobs for companies in states I'll never visit. And sometimes, people decide they want to spend their hard-earned money on the most useless, most selfish luxury their is; art;and they buy one of my paintings. In other words, I'm doing OK for myself, but I'm a pretty low maintenance type of person. Going to the hospital wasn't the scary part; It was dreading the arrival of that damned bill. I knew I'd never be able to pay it back, and I hope to be a normal person some day meaning I gotta stop ignoring calls from bill collectors, or telling my sister to answer and tell them I'm dead. Having a $23,778.00 bill meant I was digging an ever deeper hole for myself. This probably sounds like a pointless rant. And maybe it is. Im just on a high right now after opening this letter.