Monday, March 12, 2012

Return to the Burn

Pages from the new sketchbook. I apologize for the weird split in the middle of the images; the sketchbook is over-sized and my scanner can't capture it all.
I bought this sketchbook at this place called "Hobby Lobby" in Visalia. I thought I was getting a good deal on a new sketchbook (6 bucks or so)...turns out the reason it was so cheap was because the quality of the paper is terrible; all the pens I use bleed and it soaks up inks and paints, terribly. Kinda like trying to draw/paint on a napkin. It'll probably just turn into a series of mixed-media experiments.
Lesson learned; cheap art supplies ain't worth it.


  1. i glue stick the sheets together. makes for a sturdier page.

  2. i usually just layer the shit outta the pages once i decide it's gonna be a "painted" sketchbook; house paint, salt, wood stains, shellac...its all out the window once it starts gettin' dirty. but this sketchbooks a whole other beast; i put a light watercolor wash on it and it just soaks it up; i lift the page and its bleeding through the other pages. i'm starting to learn how to work with it; i'm just coming off being spoiled with my last sketchbook which had really beautiful thick pages made to take anything i could throw at it.