Thursday, March 17, 2011

Rhino Shirts Back By Popular Demand-limited time only!!!

Back for a limited time only...the world famous rhino shirt!!!
I made a ton of these shirts a few years back, and sold about half of 'em and got the other half stolen or gave em away. I always tried to stop making them before people got tired of em, or stopped buying them, but it never happened. Anyways, after much requests from friends and strangers, here they are, for the last time.

I made a small run of these, red on baby blue and red on mint green. Get em while theyre hot. Hand silk-screened on cotton shirts.
Comes in all sizes; S,M,L,XL.
Im also making the last run of 25 soon in the classic black on white.

10 bucks from my big cartel page, 2 bucks for shipping.

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