Wednesday, February 2, 2011

February First Thursday/Shows You Should Check Out

Shannon Hunter/Home is in Your Head @ Iron Bird Cafe

Shannon takes photos of herself lookin' bummed out and writes really beautiful words to go along with them. Browsing through her blog makes me want to stay home in my pajamas and eat ice cream straight from the bucket while watching soaps all day...but in a good way. Shannons a swell lady and I'll be there sporting a "home is in your head" button, pinned to my lapel. You should too.

Check out her blog.

Terrance Reimer/ The Third California @ Conley Gallery

Terrance Reimer will be showing photography of his various Californian adventures along with a film, at The Conley Gallery, which I've been posting about/excited for all month. Terrance is one of the greatest supporters of local art/artists. I know he's helped me and my ex-broadway studio roommates stay afloat for years. His house is awesome, his clothes are awesome(and really well cut, I might add, and he's terribly tall), his laugh is terrifyingly awesome. Dude brings the party.

Check out his site. Givin' em what they want in tiny doses.

See you all there.

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