Saturday, February 6, 2010

San Francisco/ my love is another kind

A couple o' weeks ago, me and Christian Vargas loaded up his truck and headed north to San Francisco to check out our friend Gina Contrera's show. I met Gina many moons ago at an art show we were both a part of inside this church that served as a gallery on the east side of Fresno. Shes an awesome lady, who makes awesome art, and her show was good enough reason to make the drive.

Her show was at this awesome little back room gallery, called, oddly enough, the back room gallery,
in the back of this book store. I didnt get any photos of the opening night crowds, the place was packed the entire night. You couldnt really walk around, or soak in any of the art, which, if you've ever had an art show, you WANT this to happen on the opening night.
We went back the next day and got some photos.

its really great watching your friends grow as artists and watching them hone their skills, especially since in Fresno, most of the artists here share studios, like at Broadway, so its a little tough to go to someones show and really appreciate it, since you watched them make it and you know what to expect. It was a breath of fresh air to walk into a place and see all new stuff by someone you know.

can you spot devendra banhart? joanna newsom? i guess its a wall of the artists that have shown there. gina's in good company.


Gina also works at the Moma, so we got some tickets to go check out their 75th anniversary show (told you, shes an awesome lady) , which is well worth the drive on its own. Getting the chance to stand a few feet away from some amazing and important artwork, is one any artist or person interested in the arts should take up. I got a new appreciation for alot of painters I never really took interest in before I saw them up close and was able to really sink into them; Rauschenberg , and Johns, in particular.

I was looking forward to seeing the Barry Mcgee installation. I had never seen his work before, and I really learned alot about drawing and line work when I was a young buck, by admiring this guys shit. Also, I would just plain rip him off, so I really wanted to see it for myself. He's a true art hero.

simon evans

kara walkers fucking mind blowing

i dont remember this guys name, but these were really great, and they were only sketches for these architectural sculpture bangers.

so happy to see this in real life. im not even kidding.
this guys awesome. napping on the muni- FTW.

we stayed with Christians buddy sean, this is on the second floor.

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