Thursday, January 28, 2010

RIP you Goddamned mad man.

the real life holden caulfield passed today. i wrote this blog posting up a while ago, thought i should repost it. this book changed my life, though i know it did the same for many. rest in piece, you Goddamned mad man.

gin a body, catch a body, coming through the rye

ive been reading "Catcher in the Rye" lately, mostly while i sit on the can, im usually a speed shitter, but i'll sit there longer than usual just to get through 2 or 3 chapters. I've read it about a dozen times or so, usually when im in the mood for some reading, i'll even pick it up randomly and read certain chapters, just for kicks. its moronic, i know. i should just go out and buy more books; and i have, but nothing hits me as much as "Catcher". Its one of the only constants i've had through out the years.
I even went so far as playing it out in real life, one winter. A few years back,
I didnt sleep or eat right for about two weeks, and drank a shitload of scotch and soda, and smoked cigarrettes like a Goddamned mad man, just like Holden does through out the book. I walked everywhere, and for long distances everynight, smoking a pack of ciggies whilst i walked. my fingers always stunk and i got tobacco stains all over my lips.
I took alot of random naps, and woke up in strange places; alleys, basketball courts, soccer fields and roof tops to name a few. I'd often pass out with lit cancer sticks in my hands, and would wake up with tiny holes in my clothes. There was a few times when the burns would wake me up cuz they'd burn all the way through my clothes and into my skin. Lousy shape I was in, i tell ya.
Anyways, I eventually ended up in the hospital for exhaustion or whatever, after I passed out taking a piss in the morning, then burned my eye balls with industrial strength chlorine at work. I even got a stye in my eye at one point, pretty much the last warning your body gives you that you better start taking care of it.

if a body, catch a body, catcher in the rye

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