Friday, July 24, 2009

Its me, snitches.


On behalf of the Fresno Art Museum, we are proud to announce Robert Amador as the selected artist for the Contemporary-Contemporáneo Artist in Residency program. Thank you to all who took the time to submit and we encourage you to apply next year.

Please contact Erika Morales a to schedule an appointment for your art pick-up at (559) 441-4221 x. 113 or


Kim Turner
Education Programs Manager
Fresno Art Museum
559.441.4221 x.106

Thursday, July 23, 2009


proof that beauty comes from ugliness; Fresno smog sunsets.

Monday, July 20, 2009


havent been on here in a while, sorry to all 3 people who actually read this thing. Ive been semi-busy, getting ready for a new mural. This things fucking gigantic, 150 feet by 20 feet to be exact. give or take a few feet. shit. its supposed to be triple digit weather all week, and i guess next week too. so i'll be out there everyday probly after 8 pm everynight, theres no way im heading out there during the day; i imagine if i go out there and try to paint in the fucking sun i'll end up like one of those worms that gets lost on his way home during the rain, and ends up turning into worm-jerky the next day on the side walk, all stiff and burnt to a crisp.
Anyways, if you wanna come out and say "hi", or bring me a smoothie, or some Vegatarian dishes, then come out sometime later this week. Im starting today, but i dont want anybody to see me all stressed out and doubtful about my skills, as is often the case the first couple' o days of a mural. Broadway and Calaveras, the old "printing equipment suppliers" building.

im doing some watercolors and reprinting some of my zines that sold out, for tomorrows "bartender challenge" that Creative Fresnos doing tomorrow at Palominos. If you dont know, Creative Fresno does these mixers where they get two local "celebrities" and have them work the bar like a poor mans Tom Cruise in Cocktail, and raise money for good ol' boys like me to be able to eat food whilst painting murals for the lovely people of Fresno to stare at. So go out, and get plastered, and give
some hefty tips.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

bitches get stitches

ahmeelyah got spade last week. getting her stitches out on saturday. sorry fellas. i think shes a lesbian dog anywways, shes always grabbin' other female dogs and humping the shit outta' 'em. or try's to. thats okay, i'll love her no matter what.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

"what these bitches want from me?"... quote the great DMX
some shit i've been up to lately.

gin a body, catch a body, coming through the rye

ive been reading "Catcher in the Rye" lately, mostly while i sit on the can, im usually a speed shitter, but i'll sit there longer than usual just to get through 2 or 3 chapters. I've read it about a dozen times or so, usually when im in the mood for some reading, i'll even pick it up randomly and read certain chapters, just for kicks. its moronic, i know. i should just go out and buy more books; and i have, but nothing hits me as much as "Catcher". Its one of the only constants i've had through out the years.
I even went so far as playing it out in real life, one winter. A few years back,
I didnt sleep or eat right for about two weeks, and drank a shitload of scotch and soda, and smoked cigarrettes like a Goddamned mad man, just like Holden does through out the book. I walked everywhere, and for long distances everynight, smoking a pack of ciggies whilst i walked. my fingers always stunk and i got tobacco stains all over my lips.
I took alot of random naps, and woke up in strange places; alleys, basketball courts, soccer fields and roof tops to name a few. I'd often pass out with lit cancer sticks in my hands, and would wake up with tiny holes in my clothes. There was a few times when the burns would wake me up cuz they'd burn all the way through my clothes and into my skin. Lousy shape I was in, i tell ya.
Anyways, I eventually ended up in the hospital for exhaustion or whatever, after I passed out taking a piss in the morning, then burned my eye balls with industrial strength chlorine at work. I even got a stye in my eye at one point, pretty much the last warning your body gives you that you better start taking care of it.

Friday, July 3, 2009

crows feet and cauliflower

brand new zine i slapped together yesterday for first thursdays. its a mix of some of the new big drawings and some sketchbook doodles. 2 color cover, using my (not so) secret kinkos mixed media techniques.
alot of runner drawings. some skull studies. and a review of Transformers 2. kind of. well, really all i did was talk shit about megan fox.
24 pages, 2 color cover. 5 bucks, while supplies last. email me.