Monday, July 20, 2009


havent been on here in a while, sorry to all 3 people who actually read this thing. Ive been semi-busy, getting ready for a new mural. This things fucking gigantic, 150 feet by 20 feet to be exact. give or take a few feet. shit. its supposed to be triple digit weather all week, and i guess next week too. so i'll be out there everyday probly after 8 pm everynight, theres no way im heading out there during the day; i imagine if i go out there and try to paint in the fucking sun i'll end up like one of those worms that gets lost on his way home during the rain, and ends up turning into worm-jerky the next day on the side walk, all stiff and burnt to a crisp.
Anyways, if you wanna come out and say "hi", or bring me a smoothie, or some Vegatarian dishes, then come out sometime later this week. Im starting today, but i dont want anybody to see me all stressed out and doubtful about my skills, as is often the case the first couple' o days of a mural. Broadway and Calaveras, the old "printing equipment suppliers" building.

im doing some watercolors and reprinting some of my zines that sold out, for tomorrows "bartender challenge" that Creative Fresnos doing tomorrow at Palominos. If you dont know, Creative Fresno does these mixers where they get two local "celebrities" and have them work the bar like a poor mans Tom Cruise in Cocktail, and raise money for good ol' boys like me to be able to eat food whilst painting murals for the lovely people of Fresno to stare at. So go out, and get plastered, and give
some hefty tips.

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