Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Mural District

Mural District from Mike Thiesen on Vimeo.

Mini-Doc on The Mural District by Mike Thiesen( pronounced "tyson"?), featuring lots of shots of my friends and my murals.

From the site;

"My class went on a field trip to Fresno's Mural District, and my original plan was just to take pictures which is why I had no way of stabilizing the camera or getting clean audio."

Well it doesn't show...good job Sir, good job.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Art Hop Tomorrow

A few years ago, I sharted on my drive to my art show I was having at Teazer. It was a terrible way to kick off the festivities. But the night turned out great despite my traumatizing experience.
Tonight, we're having an "art hop" reception for my show, "Carne Diem" and Michael's show, "Solace in a Tin Shed".
Come join us tonight to make up for missing the opening reception. Or if you haven't seen the show. Or if you have a date and you want to take them to cool stuff thats free. Or if you want to save yourself thousands of dollars you would have spent on art school, and ask Michael a few questions; he gives all his secrets out for free.Or if you think I'm a jerk and you want to tell me in real life, not just on facebook. Most life long friendships start off with an argument.